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Cubigo connects community staff, residents and family members to digitize the common functions within senior living communities including: dining, maintenance, transportation, communication and activities. We improve workflows, digitize processes and lower operating costs.

Our Solution

Our solution uses staff efficiency, digital signage, and resident engagement to drive quality care, lower operating costs, increase occupancy rates, improve customer satisfaction and open new revenue channels.

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What People Say

"User adoption has been a true testament to the ease of use of Cubigo. I continue to hear from residents how happy they are with the new system and how thankful they are to have their “Cubi” ahead of the pandemic. In times like this, where most may feel disconnected, Cubigo provides our residents with a sense of connectedness."

A. Marquez - Tech. Director, Southminster

"Since we started with Cubigo we have been able to collect data on which residents attend what activities, what residents are using transportation and the excursions that residents prefer."

Grace Ndomo - Director at Brookdale

"If I need to have something done in my apartment, I can turn on Cubigo on my computer. It's colorful and user-friendly. I like - at my age - feeling like I can be in the 21st century!"

Mrs Gander - Resident at Vicars Landing


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    In this great interview, Geert Houben, CEO & Founder of Cubigo talks about technology for seniors, Cubigo's vision, and its mission.

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    Cubigo's all-in-one Hospitality Suite empowers residents, creates staff efficiencies and generates new revenue streams.

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    We are extremely excited to announce our brand new Hospitality Suite - The ultimate package for your communities.

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    Platform approach puts the resident in the centre of your customer service journey, making their experience better, and giving you an integrated, complete 360-degree view across the entire business, across all the data that the “apps” collect.

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    Share information with your residents and visitors using the Cubigo Digital Signage. Meals, Activities, News Articles; Live activities using our YouTube & YouTube Live Integration, and much more...

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    Cubigo's Visitor Management module is expanding with a new generation registration kiosk and an integrated thermal scanner, badge printer, and vendor management.

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    How to use the YouTube Live integration to organise a virtual activity in your community.

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    Discover why Vicar's Landing chose to get rid of their previous Resident Engagement Portal and use Cubigo, and how staff has reacted to using this new platform.

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    Discover why staff and residents at Brookdale Redwood City use Cubigo and what it brings to their community.

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    Mrs Gander, a resident of Vicar's Landing, a community in sunny Florida, talks about the positive impact of Cubigo on her community.

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    ABC6 News made a reportage about Cubigo and how Ohio Living adopted technology in their everyday life. Cubigo became a great example of empowerment of seniors through technology.

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    Together with Brookdale, the biggest Senior Care Provider in the US, Cubigo has set up a unique co-creation program in order to enable the residence and his inhabitants with innovative technology.


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Improving Resident Satisfaction and Extending Length of Stay through Data-Driven Resident-Centric Care

7 March 2023 | News

By collecting and analyzing data on residents' preferences, activities, and daily routines, staff can tailor care plans to meet their specific needs and promote their overall well-being.

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Three Reasons Why Your Senior Living Community Will Benefit from the Integrated Platforms

11 January 2023 | News

Technology platforms can offer a more holistic approach to improving the senior living environment.

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Cubigo’s Best of 2022

19 December 2022 | News Product

It's that time of year again - when we reflect on the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Our clients, partners, and employees and the support they have provided are unquestionably at the top of our gratitude list.

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Project Manager - Technical Support

Serve as the primary support contact for North America, assisting our product support team and taking charge of all product support-related tasks in the region. Learn more (.PDF) >> 

Data Scientist (Belgium)

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