Benefits for Corporate


  • Data Insights & Benchmarking

    Cubigo's integrated platform collects and analyzes data from all communities within a senior living corporate portfolio. This robust data analytics capability provides valuable insights into operational performance, resident satisfaction, and resource utilization. Corporations can use these insights to make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and benchmark their performance against industry standards.

  • Integrated Operations & Scalability

    Cubigo allows senior living organizations to consolidate all their services and data into one integrated platform that is designed to accommodate the growth of the organization. As new communities are added, the platform can easily scale to incorporate them, ensuring that each new community aligns with the corporation's brand standards and operational processes.

  • Brand Value & Consistency

    Cubigo helps senior living organizations to create a unique and consistent brand experience across all communities and customer touchpoints. By providing a standardized platform for service delivery and communication, corporations can ensure that their brand identity and quality of care are maintained consistently, reinforcing their reputation and attracting more residents.

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All data and management insights at your fingertips

Grace Ndomo is Excecutive Director at Brookdale, Redwood City and talks about the new insights she gets. (starting at 1:30)

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