Benefits for Staff


  • Efficiency

    Get more quality time with the residents by using tools that make you more productive.

  • Insights

    Proactively take care of residents by better understanding their preferences and tracking their wellbeing.

  • Team Work

    Collaborate and communicate across teams and departments by having all information at your fingertips.

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What staff says

Run your community like clockwork

R. Donelly explains what it was like to work with the Cubigo team and why he and his team choose Cubigo as the solution.

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San Francisco
  • Cubigo, Inc.
    548 Market St.
    PMB 78764
    San Francisco,
    CA 94104-5401
    United States
  • Phone: +1 (919) 437 2078
  • Cubigo NV
    Corda Campus Hal B
    Kempische Steenweg 303 bus 103
    3500 Hasselt, Belgium
  • Route description (.pdf)
  • Phone: +32 11 36 96 10

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