Product Update - January 2019

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Product Update - January 2019

By Cubigo | 6 February 2019 | News Product

An overview of our latest and most exciting product developments, and what they bring to your community

1. Increasing Resident Wellbeing

  • The 360° View

With our 360° view on resident engagement and participation you can track the activities attended and see the evolution. Follow-up on each resident individually, ensuring that their personal needs are taken care of, and that any changes are noticed and acted upon.

  • Discovering Interests

Residents can now build up their profile and share their interests with the community. These preferences are used to automatically suggest activities to the resident. By “pushing” activities towards a resident, they are more likely to attend.

  • Accessibility with Alexa Integration

Cubigo now works with Amazon’s voice-activated technology. Residents can ask for the Cubigo community news, discover and sign up to upcoming activities, and much more! This not only integrates with residents who already use Alexa at home, but has increased Cubigo’s accessibility to residents with visual or dexterity challenges - boosting their engagement and participation in the community.

2. Fostering Staff Empowerment

  • Staff Application

Thanks to the native staff application, staff can manage activities, view attendee lists and sign up residents on the go. Great to gather insights on the participation of your residents!

  • Satisfaction Surveys

Staff can gather direct feedback from residents on the services they provide - from discovering the favorite meals to the most popular activities to the songs to play in the car. Empower your staff to develop their offerings and to continuously strive to offer more to your residents.

3. Developing Corporate Insights

  • Data & Analytics

Cubigo collects data from all the different services. This data is used to generate actionable insights that can help to continuously improve your operations within your communities and establish best practices that can be shared across all communities.

There are plenty of exciting new features coming up throughout the year! Stay tuned, or schedule a demo to find out more!