Online Live Fitness Classes for Seniors

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Online Live Fitness Classes for Seniors

By Cubigo | 30 April 2020 | News

Social Distancing Doesn’t Have to Mean Social Separation. Senior Living Providers are turning to new technologies to make sure that their residents stay active and engaged during this pandemic storm. Discover here how to organize your first remote fitness class for your residents!

4 steps to organize virtual fitness classes for your community

  •  Step 1: Have the right distribution channel  

First you need to make sure that residents are able to access the class without any problems. 

One of the easiest ways to do this is to set-up an in-room channel for your residents. This is a custom channel to your existing TV service line-up. This can be done by buying an Apple TV and connecting it to your existing TV infrastructure. More information about how to set this up here.

For residents that have a laptop, tablet or smartphone there is no need to purchase or install any hardware. They can download an app or open a website to access the remote class.

  • Step 2 : Find the right content and trainer

Once your residents have the app and or the TV channel is set-up, you need to decide who is going to give the fitness class. This can be done by local staff (activities staff, or the fitness trainer) or by an external instructor.

For local staff it is very easy to set-up a remote fitness activity as long as they have a laptop with a good internet connection and the right app. 

When you look for an external instructor, it is important to find trainers that have experience working with seniors. You can find curated lists of trainers via this link.

Step 3 : Promote and communicate about the upcoming class

Once you are set-up you need to make sure residents are aware of the upcoming class. Make sure to include the class in your activities calendar (mentioning that it is a remote class), distribute flyers explaining residents how to attend and make sure other staff members (e.g. caregivers) promote the class.

Step 4 : Gather feedback and new ideas

After the class took place, send a short survey to the residents (using the same app to do so), asking them for feedback and suggestions. What did they (dis)like? Do they have suggestions for other activities (e.g.  meditation, yoga or tai chi).

Reach out to Cubigo for help to set-up your first remote fitness class. We help you with setting up the app and the TV channel, we can even match you with an external instructor.

The Cubigo team recognizes the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic, we understand how important your work is right now and want to help by providing you with pertinent information and the right tools. Discover the Cubigo Essential Package - to help you communicate effectively and maintain resident engagement. We encourage you to reach out to us individually or at