How Cubigo is keeping communities safe and informed during COVID-19

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How Cubigo is keeping communities safe and informed during COVID-19

By Antoinette de Hennin | 12 March 2020 | News COVID-19

Senior Living communities are always having to balance the day to day of running a community, with any changes or new solutions they want to bring in. It is always easy to push back change, as staff and residents need time to adapt to it, whereas the status quo is comfortable. The current Covid-19 outbreak is putting pressure on team members and residents, and those communities that have had the vision to implement a resident engagement tool are now reaping the benefits.

The Cubigo platform is allowing our communities to:

  • Limit contact through online requests

The Cubigo platform allows resident to make any maintenance and housekeeping request from their personal devices, as well as use the dining cube to order meals, allows residents to enjoy their favorite food whilst remaining in the safety of their own homes. Residents also benefit by getting real-time updates and notifications on their requests.

  • Have one single source of information

To proactively communicate with all their stakeholders, through the newsfeed (that goes directly to the staff and residents’ personal devices), the digital signage and the in-house TV channel. This allows them to share updates, from current measures being taken by the community team members (such as activity cancelations, new visitor hours), personal measures to be taken by all individuals (hand washing, no handshakes…) and the status of virus in local area and in the community.

  • Communicate with and involve Family

The unique platform streamlines communication and limits the number of calls the communities are receiving from anxious family members, and decreases their need to visit the community, as they know what is going on.

  • Reduce social isolation

Through the group chats that connect different residents, as well as sharing videos and useful links to adapted fitness workouts, instructional games, continuous learning tools and other platforms that can keep residents engaged.

  • Visitor Registration

Our visitor registration allows the community to keep track of who is coming into the community, as well as ask additional questions to help screen those at risk of being carriers, to prevent them from coming in.

Since the spread of cases to North America, we have seen an uptake in information sharing and news items being posted by our communities, which are taking all the necessary precautions to both limit the risk to their residents and team members, as well as an increase in the number of users checking the platform for updates.