Senior Living organizations are adopting digital solutions to quickly transition to the new normal of communication and information sharing.

Cubigo offers a FREE version with essentials of its platform to all Senior Living providers to support them with keeping families informed and limiting resident isolation during COVID-19.

How to get started?

"I am so happy we have implemented the Cubigo digital platform in our communities. It keeps our residents connected during the crisis, their families informed and the team can focus on their job: taking care of our residents in the best possible way!"

Phil Davis - Executive Director

Help overcome challenges during Covid-19


Keep residents out of isolation

Leverage the importance of social connections, engagement and having sense of purpose during the crisis.


Keep families in the loop

Keep family of residents up to date with real-time information, increase transparency, create peace of mind.


Reduce team members inefficiencies

Minimize inefficient processes and manual administration work to have more time for in-person contact.

Included in Cubigo Essentials

News Feed

Single source for sharing updated, real-time information to multiple stakeholders.

Information Cube & Resident Directory

Respond to the FAQs using the information cube to keep all documentation easily accessible.


Manage your calendar and activities in a very efficient way, including print.


Residents can stay connected with each other through group and individual chats.

Family Engagement

Streamline communication with families, keeping them updated with the situation in the community and with their relatives.


Easy dashboards and reports on usage and adoption of the platform.

Why Cubigo Essentials

Tailored features to crisis

News and chat are part of our core product. Along with activity management, you are well equipped to face this challenge head on.

Free to use

Cubigo Essentials offers all the features you need during this time, with a "no strings attached" package to help your operations for 3 months (or until the crisis is over).

Proven technology

You will enjoy the same servers, speed and stability as our existing customers. Our technology stack serves thousands of users and has a rock-solid reputation.

Easy & remote setup: 24 hours

Roll out in less than 24 hours with the help of our customer success team over the phone or a video call.

GDPR & HIPAA compliant

Personal data is safe with us and stored according to the highest standards and international regulatory requirements.

Future proof

Our platform can grow with your needs, we can easily expand to other services you might want to offer.

Additional modules

(Available on request, not included)

In-suite TV channel

Share news and content, and organize live activities that residents can join.

Priority Messaging

High priority messaging module with read confirmation overview (on mobile devices & TV).

Concierge Services

Allow residents to order food from their room, request maintenance, housekeeping or IT support, etc.

Visitor Registration

Digital registration of external caregivers, volunteers or visitors during or after the crisis.

How to keep residents connected during self-isolation

Group Chats & Buddy Systems

Use Case: Residents are able to interact using the Cubigo chat functionality. This helps to form groups around topics, games and other common interests using the resident interest matching filter.

Benefit: Connect residents in group chats or 1-on-1 and to foster interactions and connections

Organize remote activities

Use case: Cubigo allows residents to participate in remote activities through the click of a button. We have seen recreational staff organize: remote bingo, lunch with the ED with live Q&A, yoga sessions, the Daily Show and cooking classes.

Benefit: Limits social isolation and keep them connected by streaming activities into their room

Committees cube

Use case: Have residents use their committees to keep purpose; post updates and share content.

Benefit: maintain interactions in resident groups.

How to keep families in the loop

FAQ & Contact Cube

Use Case: Family members are able to access a dedicated FAQ and a contact page to be ask any question they might have.

Benefit: Less or no unstructured inquiries via phone or email.

Real time news distribution

Use case: Especially during these times, family members are worried and wants transparency about the situation. With Cubigo, it’s easy to distribute news and updates in real time, even using Chat (HIPAA compliant, not like Whatsapp or Messenger).

Benefit: When people receive communication in a proactive way they will call or reach out less themselves.

Priority Messaging

Use case: Send out messages with read confirmation so you are sure who read the messages. You can give the ones that didn’t read them a phone call, to get 100% coverage of your update.

Benefit: Reach 100% news item coverage with only x% of the calls you did in the past.

How to reduce team members inefficiencies

Activity restrictions

Use Case: Eg. activities can only be organized in groups of max. 8. In Cubigo this is a setting of an activity and residents have to subscribe for all activities; when the limit is reaching the activity is automatically closed.

Benefit: Less administration and manual work to manage the activities under these restrictive circumstances.

Meal delivery

Use case: Residents eat in their rooms but there is currently no time slots process. With Cubigo the dining team can configure time slots for residents to select (or call for staff). Time slots that are full are not available to select anymore.

Benefit: Less administration and manual work to manage the dining in-room delivery and maintain consistent quality.

Team member communication

Use case: HIPAA compliant (secured) messaging among team members for mobile and real-time communication.

Benefit: More efficient communication and less phone calls.

How to get started?

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